Vancouver Bike Culture

How I find my way around Vancouver on a bike:

Where I shop for me and my bike:

  • on the Rivet for all accessories, bikewear because of the great advice and wonderful staff
  • West Point Cycles for my bike, all repairs because of practical, down-to earth advice, prompt service, and UBC discount

The overriding criterion that has me shopping mostly locally is that I can get advice on various products rather than shopping blindly on-line. With bike gear even more than other shopping, I appreciate and am willing to pay for that advice. And I certainly don’t believe in getting the advice for free and then ordering – presumably for a lower price – on line.

  • MEC for lights and other accessories where I’m looking for less advice, but quality at good prices

But some shopping is less dependent on advice. In that case, I would still prefer local shopping, in part because MEC is a place I can always happily get lost in.

Bike products that are from here:

  • Brodie Bikes are definitely on my list to consider for replacement of my current Rocky
  • but a bamboo frame from Grass Frames is also a temptation
  • Cima Coppi makes wool jerseys, caps, etc. for more athletic riders than this commuter

Where I refuel:

  • Musette Caffè because I love the idea of a bike cafe, even though I rarely have a chance to drop by. The opening of Raiment Cycling Clothing next door only enhances the location further, though I haven’t been.

Who speaks on my behalf:

  • HUB (formerly, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition)

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