First Impression Muxu Socks

I’m not a big fan of the socks-that-dont-even-cover-your-ankle genre, esp. in winter. Is there some particular reason bicyclist want their ankles cooled?

Even though I don’t particularly like these short socks, even the ones that barely go over your ankle, that’s pretty much what’s available for riding.

At least the Muxu Ride Sock comes with the added bonus of a reflective stripe on the heel.  That way the sock is no longer your, er, Achilles heel of visibility, I guess. The socks themselves are a nice blue tone (there is also a black model) and feel quite nice on your feet. They are neither particularly thick, nor particularly thin and a wool-synthetic blend.

I haven’t been able to ask a motorist who was approaching from behind how visible the reflective stripe is, but it’s literally woven into the fabric in a criss-cross-pattern and is lasting through washes just fine.

These will be particularly nice in the summer with shorts, I think, as the dayglo green velcro bands around the ankles are a safety-only-beauty-be-damned accessory with shorts.

Unlike many other current socks, they don’t come as a rightie and leftie and aren’t overly engineered for fit, but just a regular, handsome sock.