Yes, these Revolights are certainly the coolest thing I’ve seen on Kickstarter: LED lights around the rim of your tire that light up the front half of the front tire/back half of the rear tire in white and red, respectively.

The look is totally Tron, 80s or 10s, and very cool. I saw one of these riding around Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and was instantly jealous.

Cleverly, the LEDs project forward/backward while also being very visibly for the side with the clear indication which direction you’re going.

The USB-rechargeable batteries sit on the hub and the website offers hints at a future development of dynamo-power.

So, with all my griping about lack of visibility in hipster, even moderately attractive, bike attire, why haven’t I bought these? Two main reasons: cost (US$250 for front/rear set) and lack of trust that they batter/cable set-up will survice the very wet and somewhat gritty Vancouver winter. But, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on further development of these lights to see whether my reasons for hesitating might not be addressed.

With this post, I’m off for Christmas break and will start posting again in January 2013.


BYOBL: Bring Your Own Bike Lane

Okay, so this is clearly a fabulous idea for people who ride in congested downtown conditions a lot (though perhaps so in Vancouver with the establishment of a good downtown bike lane network):

A bike light that projects a bike lane on the pavement behind the cyclist. Yes, a tad gimmicky, but also very cool!

There appears to be a very similar project that projects a bike lane symbol ahead of the bike. I’m a little less convinced by that as the projected symbol ahead of the rider is not going to be terribly visible to drivers around you.

Maybe a combination that projects the lane and the bike symbol behind the bike?