Swrve Deck Jacket

I do like getting email from Swrve about new products even when their delivery of actual products is somewhat frustrating.

Their newest item: the “deck jacket“. Can’t quite tell why the boating reference or is this a reference to a deck of cards?

Looks pretty stylish in the pictures, however, and has a number of bike features like a cut that’s high in front, low in back. The specs say that there are reflective details, but these are pretty hard to find in the photos. It appears that there’s a couple of vertical reflective stripes under the arms, but they only appear from the right side view, not otherwise.

The collar looks like it’s a nice solution to be able to button up if it’s a bit cooler and I do appreciate the pit zippers.

The fabric is “water and wind resistant 3-layer softshell, but can’t quite tell what this will feel like or the utility. Nice to see that there’s a choice of four colours, though they all (black, dark grey, navy, olive) are rather muted and don’t exactly promote visibility.

Hopefully, this will show up at on the Rivet eventually so that I can check it out for real.