First Impressions: Vulpine Rain Shorts

It’s the first day of Spring in Vancouver. Appropiately, my Vulpine shorts arrived today to usher in the end of another rainy season. Also an appropriate time to take up the blogging call again after a long break.

I’d been looking at these shorts for quite a while after having noticed Vulpine for their merino shirt.

I have two pairs of cycling jeans, one pair of knickers, so shorts were the next obvious steps.

Wow, are these shorts a quality product and wow, do I look good in them if I say so myself.

Everything seems thought out in terms of design and functionality.

The fit is right on. I ordered an XL (=36″ waist) and they fit just right.

The epic fabric is soft and fairly slippery; feels good.


  • hook in the right front pocket for keys
  • hidden zipper pocket in left front pocket
  • reflectors on outside at bottom of leg (seems like a great spot for shorts and they are discrete yet give me the sense that I will be visible)
  • low cut in the front to sit on the bike
  • right rear pocket with magnet closure
  • the flap on the rear pocket folds up to reveal a bright green patch and reflector underneath
  • inside the waistband is a rubberized strip that will keep the shorts from sliding


  • “indigo” means purple, but it’s actually a very nice colour
  • terrific how much thought someone has given the seams which appear in contrasting green on the inside, and the zippers which are red
  • the V-shape on the main button is also a nice touch

Obviously, these are not cheap, so I waited for Vulpine’s second anniversary event to off-set the price a little.

No thoughts on the epic fabric yet other than it’s nice feel. I’m not sure that I really need rain-resistant shorts. In Vancouver either it’s the rainy season (Nov – March) and kind of too cold to wear shorts, or it’s shorts-weather and thus rarely rainy.

Also, will have to see how they wear with regular use (I still commute every day).

Only concern so far is one that a reviewer mentioned as well, i.e. that the seam in the back is not elastecized, so there’s some risk of exposure depending on the shirt I’m wearing.

Update some weeks later:

Some nice early Spring weather has given me a chance to try the shorts out on the bike. Great! The “slipperiness” of the fabric makes them very comfortable, though I can definitely feel the thigh seam. They are not restrictive in the thigh, but definitely not loose. Coverage on the lower back is a bit of an issue because the seam isn’t elasticized.

The hook in the front right pocket actually works for my key chain.