First Impressions Craft Neoprene Bootie

The first impression of the Craft Neoprene Bootie is mixed. I bought these in a size 43-45 for my size 45 feet in part because my trusty MEC shoe covers (XXL) have always been a bit too large, but the size down doesn’t fit. It looks like I might be caught in the same size limbo with Craft.

I do like the reflective print on the bootie.

I’m not sure I like that the heel is closed with an Achilles zipper. Seems like it’s a set-up that’s hard to get on. I only tried with a pair of sneakers so far as my bike shoes were wet from the ride home, but it looks like tomorrow’s weather will give me an opportunity to first, try them on, then if they do fit, try them out.

Trying them on with my Shimano bike shoes sealed the deal, I’m returning the booties. I don’t think I’ll exchange them for a size up either because then I’ll be at the bottom of that size range again which is the same problem as I have with my MEC shoe covers, i.e. they’re bulky and the velcro closures overlap.

This might be an item I’ll have to hunt for with shoes on and try on various other options. Sure would be nice to find something very bright (after all, I’m only wearing shoe covers when visibility is low), that’s easy to put on/take off and is relatively snug in the fit.


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