Always Riding

I usually much prefer to buy bike gear and clothes locally, in part because I enjoy the experience of seeking out products and discussing products with knowledgeable sales people. I’m also old-fashioned in that I’d rather hold something in my hand before I buy it.

BUT, sometimes I get curious about brands or products that aren’t available. The most recent examples were Muxu and Vulpine.

While I ordered Muxu directly from them through their website, I gave Always Riding a try for my Vulpine t-shirt. Why this site? Well, they carry Vulpine, have a nicely organized website and there are a number of other interesting brands and products. They’re based in the UK. Ordering was simple and convenient. Shipping was free (above a certain threshold) and the shipment arrived very promptly.

When a minor flaw showed up in one of the ordered items, the customer service response was very personal, helpful, and quick. Certainly consider this a reliable source for ordering things that I can’t find locally.


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