Some Years with Gore Ultra Pants

I’ve had Gore Ultra rain bike pants for a couple of years now (can’t actually recall what year I bought them in).

The material certainly has been lasting well and it continues to be rainproof. Sweating is not so much of a concern with rain pants (at least not for me), so they are plenty breathable as well.

Even though the pants are thus quite functional as everyday rain gear, I don’t love them.

Why? Black is just not a great colour for being invisible. Also, reflective detail very small on these, so they just don’t offer a lot of visibility even though I generally and by definition wear them in low-visibility conditions.

Also, the ankle cuff is overly complicated with two vertical velcro strips to cover the zipper, then two horizontal velcro strips to tighten around the calf and ankle. Effective? Yes! As they do tighten things up to be rainproof especially if the ankle cuff is worn over the rain booties. BUT, complicated and the velcro doesn’t really cinch down the flaps enough to ever have full confidence in the set-up.

There is a mesh pocket on the inside of the pants that would sit on the small of your back as you’re riding. I have never put anything in that pocket and am a little unsure on the circumstances when I would use such a pocket.

The pants are set up with a drawstring around the waist, but I’ve also never used that as a feature since the cut is pretty tight and I don’t need the draw string.

Given the snug and athletic cut of the Oxygen jacket, I imagine that a current generation of these pants would also be cut in a more athletic fashion, though my model is not baggy. I would probably opt for a tighter fit in a newer model, though.


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