The Athletic Challenge of the 8th Ave Bike Route

Every once in a while I change my route to the UBC campus, particularly when my son decides to ride a bike to his school in Kitsilano.

Today I thus headed down the hill with him and turned back up the hill on the 8th Ave bike route. This is by far a greater athletic challenge than my usual route via the 29th Ave bike route and 16th Ave. The only incline that I usually face is the hill up to Dunbar Ave. While this is somewhat steep, it is fairly short (one block) and thus tackled quickly. Beyond that are only some minor inclines.

On 8th Ave by contrast the section from Highbury to Sasamat has some rather steep bits and lasts quite a while. Today, some athletic/cardiovascular competitive bug must have bitten me as I powered up the hill about as fast as I ever have. The good things is that the remainder of the way from the steep section to UBC is level, so that I can catch my breath and stop sweating too much before I arrive at my office. Nice workout occasionally though!


2 thoughts on “The Athletic Challenge of the 8th Ave Bike Route

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