Initial Impressions Muxu Ride Shirt

With my order of Muxu jeans and 3/4 shorts, I had also ordered a riding shirt.

Ordering a short sleeve shirt in October for use in Vancouver is obviously somewhat misguided, but I was spurred on to this by my purchase of a Brompton Oratory jacket this summer and figured that I’d need something to wear under the jacket should the occasion arise.

What I was looking for in this shirt was therefore a semi-formal look that was still functional on the bike which would mean primarily two things: fit and lack of sweat. The latter in particular may be a tall order as I’m a reasonably big guy (seems to be associated with sweatiness) and Vancouver has hills.

In any case, the shirt arrived and is quite stylish. The main bike features are trikot-style pockets on the back and pleats on the should blades that will give enough room to lean over on handle bars.

Other than that, some fashionable design details like the Muxu logo, covered buttons, and the hidden chest pockets. All in all in a slate/blue colour that seems to go with the overall Muxu palette.

I was just in a more tropical locale and took the shirt just to try it out even though I didn’t have a chance to go riding.

Initial impression: comfortable if snug fit, definitely a good cut in terms of arm movement, pleasant material.

The sweatiness assessment will have to wait for next Spring and more regular riding.


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