Initial Impressions Muxu Jeans

A second item in my recent order from Muxu was their cycling jeans.

I have owned a pair of Swrve jeans for a while now and really love them. Very comfortable on the bike and off, stylish and with thoughtful bike details.

So, how about the Muxu variant? Definitely a keeper!

They are dark blue denim and definitely a bit stretchier than other bike jeans I’ve tried. But fear not, they don’t look at all like my daughters’ jeggings, but like proper jeans. Stitching is grey, but blue at the waist and for the button hole. Branding is very subtle on the left front pocket.

Funnily, just like Swrve they have a very cheerful pocket liner on the inside, though not daisies but graphic versions of the brand.

The cut is a loose, but not baggy jeans cut with the articulated knees that are typical of bike jeans.

Four regular pockets (two front, two back) with an additional pocket offset forward of the back right pocket. This is meant for small items like cell phones etc. I like the fact that it is outside of the back pocket (unlike on the Swrve jeans) so that I keep trying to shove my wallet into this pocket. If I did own a cell phone, it seems like this would be a really nice pocket since it’s offset to the side, so you wouldn’t be sitting on the phone. I did borrow my wife’s cell phone the other day just to try and thought that the stretchiness might work against using this pocket a bit because it felt like the phone might well work its way out of the pocket.

Riding comfort is definitely high, the no-seam-crotch is great. Stretchiness is also welcome.

In the first couple of days that I had the jeans, the rainy season hadn’t quite started yet, so I wore them a fair bit. They are quite comfortable on their own or even under rain pants. Not excessively tight, but not flapping around either.

One of the bike features is that there is a reflective X sewn into the inside of the right leg as is the case with a number of other casual bike pants and jeans. Not sure that Muxu got this quite right though. The X only starts fairly high on the leg, so you have to roll it up fairly far. Also, one leg only? I can’t imagine that it costs that much to sew this X in, so why not in both legs so you can roll up the left as well, especially for us right-hand-riders as that is our leg that’s “in traffic”. I think a long straight strip might also work better with different roll-up lengths or a longer X if that is part of the branding.


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