A Week with the Gore Oxygen GT AS

My first week with the new jacket turned out to be very rainy, though not cold yet. Ideal weather for testing a rainjacket, though not exactly pleasant to ride through.

So far so good, though some of the initial impressions I have of the jacket are being confirmed.

The fact that the jacket is really light I am getting used to very happily. That initial sense of feeling almost like I’m riding with a t-shirt on remains and is terrific.

After layering too thick the first day, I’ve been wearing a thinner wool layer this week and that seems to be working well. No sweat stains when I arrive and certainly no rain that has come in. Having said that, I do think that I will be missing pit zippers on the jacket. I’ve left the ventilation cuffs unzipped a couple of times now and that doesn’t seem to be adding that much airflow, at least not all the way up the arms. On the other hand, the elasticized cuffs also mean that despite leaving the zipper open, there’s no flapping around which is great. I do wonder about the mesh in the cuff zipper. I’ve got this stuck in the zipper already once and just don’t think that the mesh is going to hold up to daily wear for very long. The zippers (cuffs and main zipper) are fidgety as I wrote first. The pull tabs are too small and the zipper themselves could be a size larger to make operation with gloves on easier.

One of the big sign of perhaps more of an improvement in breathability than I am realizing is that when I get in to work and hang the jacket up after a really wet ride (or any ride, really) I hang it up with the wet side out. With my old jacket, I always hung it inside-out because there would be a layer of sweat (I presume, but perhaps mixed with rain water?) covering the inside of the sleeves. Given the choice of a damp inside or outside at the end of the day when I’m putting the jacket back on, obviously I chose a drier inside, but that does not appear to be necessary with the next jacket since it’s not wet on the inside when I arrive.

I’ve figured out the placement of the reflective lettering that I noted in my initial impressions. If I were riding with drop bars, my wrists would be turned , so that the letter would be facing out rather than up. Hm… shouldn’t assume drop bars in design of a jacket but place reflective elements so that they are visible in multiple/all directions.

The fact that there’s no pocket at all bugs me. Where do I put my bike keys?

The fit and collar may be greatest feature after light weight and waterresistance. I do like the snugness and the draft toward the kidneys seems to have been a first impression only. The collar with the elasticized, slightly raised back is working great, not water dripping in that way weather I was wearing a beanie under the helmet or not and despite some heavy rains.

My wife things the design is a big super-hero like. It’s a “The Incredibles” colour scheme and the tightness leads to that impression I think.


2 thoughts on “A Week with the Gore Oxygen GT AS

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