Yes, leafblowers are clearly the cyclist’s enemy.

Generally, I would say that gaspowered leafblowers are the devil’s invention when it comes to gardening tools. A task that is replaced by a very loud, stinky machine that people have been finding all kinds of uses for to bug city services who are left with leaf/grass clipping piles in the gutters. Ugh!

In the Spring they are especially dreadful when people (mostly professional gardening services which are – unfortunately – very active in our neighbourhood) are using them to blow grass clippings off their lawns. This is somewhat painful when you have some grass allergies. Fortunately, my allergies have been receding over the past several years, so I’m not getting all heyfeverish anymore, but grass clippings blown into the air along with dust are sure to get my eyes itchy for the next hours. So, I’ve taken to wearing riding glasses mostly to keep dust/allergants out of my eyes or to keep them from tearing up too much on cooler days.

At least in the fall now, leafblowers are actually blowing leafs that tend to be wet so that there’s not so much dust involved in the blowing, but still…


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