This is laying the groundwork for more product reviews, by writing a little bit about the company that makes 3/4 shorts that I will review soon…

I can’t remember how I came across Muxu cycling clothes ( | @muxubarcelona), but I kept oogling their website for some months. When my Swrve order through favourite local bike store, on the Rivet, kept not arriving even after four months, I decided to take the plunge and ordered jeans, 3/4 shorts, and a riding shirt from Muxu.

The website is very straightforward to navigate, functional and also fairly comprehensive.

The order arrived in exactly a week even though a Canadian national holiday came in the middle of that period, definitely good shipping service especially given that it’s free.

I continue to be a bit puzzled by the tag line, “Barcelona Inspired Cycle Wear”. I haven’t been to Barcelona since the 1992 Olympics and can’t recall any particularly stylish cyclists then, but that was before the days of fashionable bike clothes, or really any bike clothes other than those classic bright yellow plastic ponchos we had as kids.

Curious about the tag line, I tweeted at them and received the prompt reply that they mostly manufacture in Portugal except for their jeans which are made in Taiwan. Shipping is clearly from the UK, so that’s where “they” seem to be based, but I haven’t really dug further to find out more.

I have recently ordered a copy of “Urban Cyclist”, a new magazine, which has a feature on Muxu, so perhaps I’ll learn more from that.



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