Mission Workshop Orion

I recently had a chance to try on the Mission Workshop Orion jacket. Obviously toward the hipper end of the bike jacket spectrum and, accordingly, on the expensive side.

I had heard about Mission Workshop in part because my favourite Vancouver bike clothing store (otR) carries them, but hadn’t seen any of the products.

The first impression was that the Orion jacket was _really_ light and fit quite well right off the hanger. Second impression, very few reflective bits, what a silly idea!

Yes, I do appreciate somewhat fashionable, but also bike-practical clothing, and yes, I’m even willing to spend quite a bit of money for the joy of having items in that category, but no, I will not sacrifice safety and visibility to hipness. I kind of see that the visibility paradigm could really cramp a designer’s style, but there you go. I live in a city that is rainy for a third of the year and while we’re not that far north, most of the rain coincides with shorter days, so visibility is a real concern.

Having said that, the Schöller fabric used for the Orion sure felt nice in its lightness and suppleness and the jacket overall seemed quite nice-looking while sensible, though I also disagree with the apparently fashionable insistence on a hood.

The cut and look is generally less athletic than comparable jackets that cater to more of a racing posture. It’s also pleasantly understated, i.e. doesn’t scream bike jacket in a way that might inspire all the riders around you to challenge you to a race off the green light.

By the look and feel of the jacket, quality seems terrific and lots of details are very well thought-through.


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