Rain Has Arrived

It is toward the middle of October and the rain has arrived in Vancouver. Of course, a blog must also talk about the weather as blogging mimicks the conversations we might have in our community (otherwise).

So far, it is a mere drizzle. Not really anything to deter anyone seriously from riding. But it portends what is to come in the coming months, namely the nearly incessant rain from November through March. And we’re not talking about drizzle for most of the time here. Not like the UK, for example, where (at least in my experience limited to 1 1/2 years of living and happily cycling in Cambridge) the air is generally moist, but hard rainfall seems fairly rare.

Rain is one of the reasons I have bought glasses for riding my bike (the other reasons are allergies and leaf blowers). On some days in the winter, riding downhill in Vancouver means that your face is blasted with rain drops. If the downhill is steep enough it actually fells like you’re being blasted.

But, as we all know and remind ourselves at this early point in the rainy season, there’s no bad weather, just bad gear.


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