Bike Commuting Product Reviews

Over the coming months, I will review bike commuting products. Until someone offers me money for these products or free products, my reviews will be based on my use/wearing/trying out of these products.

Reviews of bikes and components will be very rare, because I only intend to purchase maybe one bike in the coming five years (though I will try to document the process of selecting a bike), while I might have more regular opportunities to review clothing or smaller components.

My reviews will be based on my usage and riding pattern of these products, so will be somewhat specific to Vancouver climate (beautiful summers, rain from November through March), topography (some serious hills) and riding environment (all urban, some dedicated bike lanes, more often designated bike routes), and my riding pattern (16kms to work on week days, additional trips during the week for work meetings, some leisure riding, though only as means to reach destination).

I am quite tall (1.96m or 6’5″) so some of my comments will be specific to my physical type.

I can be quite stingy with some things and will consider purchases carefully, but I am willing to spend on products that I like, especially as I am recognizing that I spend a fair bit of time on my bike, so some things are worth investing in.

I tend to be fairly loyal to brands and stores with a strong preference for in-person shopping over on-line offerings. I err on the side of lesser-known brands, local manufacturing and any sustainability features if appropriate.

While I am very interested in the function of bikes, components, and gear, I am not a particularly technical person. I don’t do much maintenance on my bike at all and don’t pretend to understand technical aspects of mechanics, bike geometry, gearing, etc.


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